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Building on Northeast ONG’s success in the oil and gas industry since 2011, ONG Events is a weekly email newsletter informing the industry about upcoming conferences, meetings, training, and networking events. Sponsorship of ONG Events is available through banner ads in the newsletter and on the website,

Subscribers:    4,000+ four times per month
Unique Visitors per Month:    700+
Total impressions per month:     17,000

Sponsorship Price:    $250/month
Dimensions:    180pxH X 150pxW

Ads will be randomly placed for each visitor on the left side of the Home page and the Events Calendar, as well as randomly placed in each weekly newsletter. Impressions and click-through rates will be provided at the end of each month.
For more information, please email or call 724-787-4451.

2020 Media Kit

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