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Appalachian Storage Hub Conference Held in Southpointe PA

  June 2018 / Vol 8 Issue 4

Appalachian Storage Hub Conference Held in Southpointe PA
By: Robert Johnson, President, ADKL LLC


The Appalachian Storage Hub Conference was recently held June 7th in Southpointe PA, a Pittsburgh suburb. This conference was presented by Shale Directories President Joe Barone and TopLine Analytics CEO Tom Gellrich.

The Appalachian Storage Hub is a $10 billion infrastructure initiative to develop the natural gas chemical and downstream sectors leading to an economic revitalization of the Appalachian Basin. The shale gas revolution has delivered, with billions invested in the Tri State region, providing low cost energy and feedstock.

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) was one of the presenters at the conference.

ACC suggests the Appalachian region is an ideal location for the emergence of a second major petrochemical manufacturing hub in the United States, offering benefits such as:
1.Proximity to abundant NGL resources from the Marcellus/Utica and Rogersville shale formations
2.Proximity to manufacturing markets in the Midwest and along much of the East Coast
3. Opportunity to strengthen the U.S. economy by providing employment and supply diversity
4. Opportunity to enable high-value ethane use to create U.S.-made products, while avoiding ethane rejection

Other presenters included Tom Gellrich, TopLine Analytics CEO, and Kristin Carter from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) who addressed the Appalachian Shale gas revolution and the chemical industry.

Panel discussions included the following topics:
• Need for a storage hub
• What are state governments doing to move the Storage Hub effort forward
• Investing in the Storage Hub
• A comparison of the Appalachian basin to the Gulf Coast

Joe Barone, from Shale Directories, provided opening and closing remarks at the Conference.

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Robert Johnson
President, ADKL LLC