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BEG Group – Highly Qualified and Exceptionally Valued

  Summer 2017

BEG Group – Highly Qualified and Exceptionally Valued
By: Joe Greco, President, BEG Group


BEG Group LLC of Cambridge, Ohio has been working on its patent pending registered trade named Big Switch™ Erosion/Filtration Medium since April 2015 with great results.  To date, Big Switch™ has acquired United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) 100% Biobased Certification, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (Pa. DEP) and Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) statewide approval with involvement from many other government and private sectors.

“We applaud BEG Group LLC for earning the 100% USDA Certified Biobased Product label,” said Kate Lewis, USDA BioPreferred Program.” Big Switch™ products from BEG Group LLC are contributing to an ever-expanding marketplace that adds value to renewable agriculture commodities and creates jobs in rural communities.

Per 3/27/17 email from Pa. DEP’s William Himes, Big Switch™ is listed on the approved Best Management Practice (BMP) list on DEP’s website — Alternate Erosion & Sediment and Post Construction Stormwater Management BMP’s. Therefore, Big Switch™ has been approved for use on PennDOT projects as a Pub 408, Section 106.02(a)2.c, Project Specific Locally Approved Material.

PennDOT has issued a Letter (Determination Report) to BEG Group LLC stating that Big Switch™ is approved for use as an alternate to compost under Section 867-Compost Filter Sock. Big Switch™ must be used with a filter sock that meets the specification criteria listed in Section 867. This letter can be attached to Form CS-4171LA as proof that Big Switch™ is an approved alternate to compost.

May 31, 2017

We give congratulations on BEG Group’s Big Switch™ Bio Preferred
Erosion/Filtration Medium winning a 2017 Environmental Protection
New Product of the Year award.

The Environmental Protection New Product of the Year Award
honors the outstanding achievements of industry manufacturers
whose products are considered particularly noteworthy for making
environmental professionals’ jobs a little easier.

Susan May
Group Marketing Director,
Infrastructure Solutions Group – Environmental Protection
Dallas, TX 75254

The BEG Group LLC, has developed a product that has great Sustainability to the environment. Big Switch™ is erosion and sediment control sock that improves the runoff water that filters through it. This product is the best erosion and sediment product for sustaining our world for years to come.

Advantages Big Switch™ has over traditional sediment control tools, such as a silt fence, and mulch are:
Big Switch™ installation does not require trenching or disturbing the soil surface.
Big Switch™ is much more easily installed.
Big Switch™ can be installed where trenching is not viable.
Big Switch™ has a wider contact surface area.
Big Switch™ does not contribute additional tannic acids, heavy metals or volatile organic compounds including arsenic.
Big Switch™ does not need to be removed.
Due to the light weight of Big Switch™ vs. mulch/compost you save on back strains
and shipping cost.

Big Switch™ Erosion/Filter Mediums are applicable to construction sites or other practice for filter devices is that drainage areas do not exceed 0.25 acre per 100 feet of device length and flow does not exceed one cubic foot per second. Big Switch™ can be used on steeper slopes with faster flows if they are spaced more closely, stacked beside and/or on top of each other, made in larger diameters, or used in combination with other storm water Best Management Practices.

Big Switch™ offers a large degree of flexibility for various applications. To ensure optimum performance, heavy vegetation should be cut down or removed, and extremely uneven surfaces should be leveled to ensure that Big Switch™ uniformly contacts the ground surface. Big Switch™ can be installed perpendicular to flow in areas where a large volume of storm water runoff is likely, but should not be installed perpendicular to flow in perennial waterways and large streams.

Some of the organizations currently utilizing Big Switch™ are Mascaro Construction Co. LP on the Shell
Cracker Plant Project in Monaca, Pa., MarkWest on various projects out of Cadiz, Ohio, Cleveland Metro Parks on various erosion/nutrient reduction projects, PennDOT on the Hunter Station Bridge Project in Tionesta, Pa., Independence Excavating, Ronald Lane Inc. and Rose Bud Mining on various construction/pipeline projects.

The men asked why they were not using Big Switch™ all the time! Tom Griggs/ Independence Excavating Laboratory Testing: BEG Group provided Zane State College with an 8” mulch sock and an 8” Big Switch™ sock to utilize in laboratory testing. The laboratory testing was patterned after the study conducted on filter sock products entitled Big Switch Characteristics and Performance of Compost Filter Berms by Storey, et al, of Texas A&M University System, published in April 2006. Water samples were analyzed for specific parameters as specified in stormwater documents from Ohio and Pennsylvania regulatory agencies and as requested by BEG Group.

Results: Analytical results were obtained for above and below the sock for each parameter at each time interval (initial, five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes).  The percent removals were calculated for each time period in each trial utilizing the following formula:
(Concentration Above Sock – Concentration Below Sock) / Concentration Above Sock * 100 = Percent Removal.

The percent removals from each time period were averaged together to get an average overall percent removal for that time period. The overall percent removal averages for each time period were then averaged together to get a total overall percent removal average for all trials combined.

The table below is a summary of the overall percent removals:

For additional information on Big Switch™, including availability for purchase, please contact BEG Group LLC at


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