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Be Careful What You Wish For!

Be Careful What You Wish For! By Greg Kozera– This week, I had a phone conversation with a friend of mine, Harry, from northern New Jersey who works in New York City. Things are rough up there right now with the Corona virus. Harry said […]

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Do Something Positive Now!

Do Something Positive Now! By Greg Kozera– This week was a struggle. In life, I have experienced losses, failures and challenges. This feeling was different. It was more like depression. It is an unusual emotion for me. The last time I experienced it was in […]

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A Time for Truth!

A Time for Truth! By Greg Kozera– Thursday evening, I was a guest on the nationally syndicated Jim Bohannon radio show. For me it was an honor. Back in the days when I spent a lot of time in the field, I listened to Jim’s […]

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The Show Must Go On!

The Show Must Go On! By Greg Kozera– Last weekend when I was in Houston for our National Speakers Association (NSA) Winter Conference, one of the topics discussed was the Corona Virus. For professional speakers, it is a big concern since speaking at conventions or […]

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Make a Bigger Pie

Make a Bigger Pie By Greg Kozera Growing up in Pittsburgh we had a big family. I have 5 brothers. On Sundays, we always had a big family dinner. Mom would cook all afternoon. We all sat down for dinner and said grace together. I […]

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