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Tell Them

Tell Them By Greg Kozera– My wife, Lynnda, enjoys watching The Hallmark Channel on weekends. The movies she watches are mostly lighthearted love stories. I typically watch some of the movies with her while I’m writing or just relaxing. One consistent theme in most of […]

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Don’t Take Anything for Granted

Don’t Take Anything for Granted By Greg Kozera– This week we sent each of our grandchildren a Valentine with an individual personal encouraging message and a gift card. They all emailed their “Thanks”. The focus of the teenage grandchildren was on the card and message […]

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The Key to Real Leadership

The Key to Real Leadership By Greg Kozera– A friend of mine sent me the link to this article in The Blaze www.TheBlaze.comThe focus was environmental. I saw it as a lesson in leadership. I have been teaching leadership for decades to high school and […]

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Dream Stealers: Closer Than We Think

Dream Stealers: Closer Than We Think By Greg Kozera– I received an email from a reader recently. He read an editorial saying we shouldn’t be going after a cracker plant and all the jobs it will create because of the possible risk to public health […]

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Persistence, Never Give Up

Persistence, Never Give Up By Greg Kozera– Last Saturday morning I told my wife, Lynnda, “I’m going to Kroger do you want to come?” She asked if I wanted her to drive. I responded, “No, I’m driving but you are welcome to come.” With the […]

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