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Get Through the Stuff

Get Through the Stuff                                                         By Greg Kozera– When my son was in high school his soccer, team had an undefeated regular season. I only remember them trailing once and that was briefly in the first half of one game. Everything went their way. […]

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Celebrate the Wins

Celebrate the Wins                                                       By Greg Kozera– I learned from personal experiences a positive attitude is much more effective than a negative attitude when it comes to success. As a young manager in Ohio I inherited a facility that was one of the top revenue […]

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Focus                                                                            By Greg Kozera– I will never forget what my drivers’ education instructor told us in high school. “If you ever have to leave the roadway, never focus on the tree or utility pole you want to miss. You will surely hit it. […]

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Our Young People- Better than we think 

Our Young People- Better than we think                     By Greg Kozera Since we returned from San Antonio and the World Petrochemical Conference (WPC) my focus has been following up with the people and organizations we contacted WPC. A lot of follow up is needed […]

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San Antonio

San Antonio                                                 By Greg Kozera As I’m writing this I’m in San Antonio, TX with the Shale Crescent USA Team at the World Petrochemical Conference (WPC). This conference has over 1,500+ attendees from 40 countries. It is truly a “World” conference. There […]

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