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ConnXT Loneworker: Protect Your Workers and Optimize Enterprise Productivity All in One Solution

  February 2018 / Vol 8 Issue 1

ConnXT Loneworker: Protect Your Workers and Optimize Enterprise Productivity All in One Solution
By: Shawn Wolf, Trakopolis


It’s a fact: many occupations related to oil and natural gas exploration and recovery present risk to personnel. As such, companies invest in training and safety programs to mitigate those risks, because everyone wants your personnel to be safe. When a worker is operating alone and in a remote area, the risks rise to a whole new level. What would happen if they were exposed to toxic gas? How quickly would you know they were in trouble or non-responsive, and how effectively could you respond?

With Honeywell’s ConneXt LoneWorker, powered by Trakopolis, the chances of bringing that worker home safely are greatly improved. “Man down” notification, gas alarm notification, panic button, and two-way text messaging are essential to your workers being able to connect with home base to check in, get information, or get help. That’s all reason enough to consider the ConneXt LoneWorker real-time monitoring and two-way communication device. But when that same life-saving device collects and transmits as much data as you’ll ever need to make smarter business decisions, the ROI becomes astronomical.

Worker safety and fleet management

To enhance worker safety, the ConneXt LoneWorker solution uses Honeywell’s MicroRAE portable gas detector to send recurring status messages wirelessly through the assigned vehicle’s gateway device, including up to four active gas levels, TWA levels, STEL alarms, and more than 20 additional sensor outputs. Critical messages are received by Trakopolis within 30 seconds, regardless of cellular coverage. However, with telematics enabled, the gateway device now becomes part of your fleet management system, transmitting data from both the engine and the device itself every minute.

These messages include, among others:
• Odometer reading
• Latitude/Longitude
• Heading
• Speed
• Geo-fencing confirmation

This is Big Data from the Internet of Things (IoT), and it’s where Trakopolis excels. Programmed messages, such as engine on/off, hard turn, hard breaking/ acceleration, and excessive speed, are sent immediately and can be used to help improve driver behavior. Information collected on asset location, usage, status, maintenance requirements and more can help optimize your operations, fulfill compliance reporting obligations, and manage costs.

Outside of cellular coverage? The gateway device will buffer and prioritize the data, send out critical messages instantly over satellite, and will resume uploading both current and stored data once it comes back into cellular range. With satellite coverage, GPS location messages are sent to Trakopolis every 10 minutes.

The ConneXt LoneWorker solution combines visibility of location, personal detector status, and, if applicable, vehicle telematics over sophisticated, cloud-based software to keep lone workers and administrators connected, while delivering data for real-time risk assessment, but also for later analysis and trending. This big data provides enterprise-grade intelligence that goes beyond anything you’ve seen before

Benefits extend throughout the organization

Core business operations such as fleet management, equipment utilization, maintenance and repair scheduling, as well as employee health and safety, are all presented on intuitive dashboards that combine the IoT, telematics and Trakopolis’ powerful API.

Driver and fleet vehicles can be matched to create driver performance scorecards. Your Operations, Safety or HR teams are now able to access data stored within Trakopolis to populate their own day-to day in-house software.

See where your vehicles are at all times. Great for invoice justification, theft prevention, and planning routes or cycle times.

Pull data from thousands of sensor points into a customized map overlay and upload GIS coordinates from your legacy system; then see it updated in Trakopolis.

Imagine what your enterprise could do by matching your in-house digital resources and legacy systems with this new visibility that tracks anything, anywhere, anytime. A single ConneXt LoneWorker setup can transmit more than 2,300 messages in one day. Multiply that over your entire fleet and you have enterprise-grade data to power your decision-making.

Want even greater integrated organizational value? Use Microsoft’s Power Busines Intelligence – its flagship analytics tool – to organize your data into customized reports and predictive analysis over the Azure Cloud platform. By running on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, Trakopolis can scale to meet the processing demands of big data while maintaining the necessary security.

Ultimately, you’ll get enhanced worker safety – your priority ROI – and enterprise grade productivity in a solution that captures raw information and transforms it into meaningful business intelligence quickly, and at low cost. ConneXt LoneWorker really is as good as it sounds.

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