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M2M Remote Asset Monitoring

 April 2015    

M2M Remote Asset Monitoring

By: Joe Mitchell– VP LevelCon, Sales and Support

In today’s fast paced oil and gas industry, having data at the push of a button is quickly becoming an absolute necessity rather than a luxury. M2M (machine 2 machine)  Equipment monitoring and tracking is essential to the speed and efficiency in which business moves, and if you are part of the exception and not the norm, opportunities for growing your business will quickly pass you by.

Picture this: You are in the middle of a fracking operation, your crew has been going strong and steady for hours and suddenly your operation is interrupted due to a lack of fuel, water, lubrication or injection chemicals. You are forced to put an employee in a potentially unsafe position as they must climb on top of a tank, trucker, or rig to take a look at the asset’s level, only to find that one of your most crucial fluids have run dry. The operation stops, production stops and increased costs for idle employees take over. Now, imagine this scenario on a Sunday evening and you have no other option than to pay double or triple the amount for fluids for an emergency delivery.

This situation could have easily been avoided with a LevelCon remote asset monitoring devices in place. LevelCon will provide you with remote fuel, chemical, lube or water tank levels, equipment runtime, pump status alerts, GPS coordinates, Geo fencing, camera snap shots and live streaming video. All this data can be delivered in seconds and on one web portal.

newtech_april2015 LevelCon – a brand of Micro-Design Inc. – has been in the remote telemetry business for over 30 years, producing countless product lines capable of monitoring any piece of equipment anywhere on the globe. The CEO and owner of MDi cut his teeth in the Oil and Gas market in south Texas and our company is one of the most reliable and experienced monitoring companies in the world.

What is an M2M monitoring device? Our remote monitor is a highly intelligent, yet inexpensive piece of equipment providing individuals the ability to pull crucial, time sensitive data from any device, machine or tank in any location via a cellular or satellite connection. LevelCon produces several different and very specific product lines that allow our customers to view their entire operation from one screen, and from the comfort of their office. The levelCon system is time tested and proven to be, extremely reliable and accurate. In 30 years, we have encountered and overcome more industry challenges than a vast majority of new monitoring companies have even thought of.

Implementing this equipment will cut costs, cut safety issues and increase productivity. Our technology not only delivers crucial data to your computer, but to any handheld device as well. Receive daily, weekly or monthly asset updates via email or text message, or use your mobile device to check your production.  Moreover, use our industry standard and highly secure API to seamlessly pull data from our database directly into your existing system. We integrate the data with countless systems so your vital data stays in one place and on one platform. Do you need to transfer a fill transaction from a fleet truck’s pump to the cab or handheld for accounting purposes? Not a problem. Our Bluetooth module can easily push any data transaction to all your driver’s compatible equipment.

LevelCon’s equipment is cost effective, easy to install and even easier to deploy. Once a remote monitor is installed at a customer site your dispatchers can schedule all deliveries and pickups based on the trend data provided and from the email alerts for low and high tank levels. If you install a similar monitor on your delivery vehicles, you gain access to location, speed, fuel use, dispensing pump, flow rate and mobile tank levels as well. With a LevelCon remote monitor, you will know when the driver arrives at the site, exactly how much the driver can deliver or Pull, how much flows through the pump, how much mobile capacity is available. The entire transaction is verified with a few clicks of a button.

Our modular approach to the equipment we produce and sell and our ability to customize this equipment to our client’s needs is what puts LevelCon in the forefront of the market. Our remote devices are compatible with a wide array of sensor technologies from well known and trusted companies around the globe. LevelCon’s business model has never been based on an off the shelf product, but rather a paired set of technologically advanced products that deliver what no other company can- Assurance and peace of mind.

The following are applications of currently LevelCon deployed monitors around the world.

Pump Controls
• Control pumps based on tank levels, i.e. Turn on the pump when level reaches a low set point and turn it off when level reaches a high set point.
• Tank Overflow Prevention – Monitor fluid levels and disable pumps when levels reach high set points to prevent spills and EPA fines.
• Remote pump start/stop. Based on any remote off site parameter such as remote tanks filled by pump stations several miles away.


Backup Generators
• Monitor run status, hour meter, exerciser, fuel levels, fault shutdowns and remote reset, and startup.
• Theft and GPS tracking


Oil & Gas
• Monitor and control oil well pumps – remote start/stop/reset.
• Power fail, overload trip faults, power phase failure.
• Flares stack operation – gas leak detection, fire off status, ignition status, etc.
• Oil and waste water tanks levels, overflows, flow rates, and leaks.
• Theft monitoring – camera snap shots, video clips triggered by motion detectors and event tagged, control valves remotely.
• Perimeter monitoring, gate control, etc.


Cellular Towers
• Monitor backup generator operation, fuel levels, copper theft, Equipment shed temperature environment controls, site security, gate control, snap shots and video clips with event tags.


Compressor Skid
• Monitor complete operation – temperatures, pressures, RPM, faults, remote control, noise levels, etc..
• Complete HMI/SCADA integration on LevelCon web based ScadaPoint


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