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Death, Taxes & Change

Death, Taxes & Change                                              By Greg Kozera– At a conference, pre-Shale Crescent, a few years ago the luncheon keynote speaker was a senior coal company executive. I will call him Mr. C. He opened with a question. “Are there any gas people here?” […]

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One Person’s Trash is Another’s…Feedstock

One Person’s Trash is Another’s…Feedstock            By Greg Kozera– We just returned from a sales trip.  For me this was fun. Sales isn’t about being slick, a fast talker or pushy. Successful in sales is being a trusted advisor helping clients or prospects. People’s time […]

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Prepare for Success

Prepare for Success                                                 By Greg Kozera– Two weeks ago, my daughter, Dannielle and I ran a half marathon (13.1 miles) at Gettysburg, PA. It was a beautiful course running through the battlefield and farm country. The course was hilly. We expected that and […]

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YOU ARE SPECIAL!                                                 By Greg Kozera Are you tired of West Virginia being at the bottom of the wrong lists? Ohio is not immune. When I got involved with Shale Crescent USA one of the first things I heard was that southeast […]

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Collaborate!                                                By Greg Kozera– We just got back from our spring vacation and to Florida and Walt Disney World last week with our youngest son and his family. My wife and I are annual pass holders so I never really noticed what […]

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