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Get Through the Stuff

Get Through the Stuff                                                         By Greg Kozera– When my son was in high school his soccer, team had an undefeated regular season. I only remember them trailing once and that was briefly in the first half of one game. Everything went their way. […]

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$1.1 Trillion in Savings

$1.1 Trillion in Savings                                                        By Greg Kozera–  I remember one of the Sunday evening phone calls I had with my mother in Pittsburgh after “fracking” became a hot topic. Her comment was, “My gas bill is down $100 a month.” To a 90-year-old […]

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Attitude is Everything

Attitude is Everything                                                         By Greg Kozera— I was at our local grocery store this week and saw Rick, one of my former employees from over 25 years ago when I was a Regional Manager. Rick used to drive truck for me. He was […]

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Better Together

Better Together                                                           By Greg Kozera–  This week Lynnda and I had dinner with a couple of our friends at the 12th Annual West Virginia Governor’s Energy Conference at Stonewall Resort. They are involved with a radio museum. Our friends were telling us about […]

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It’s About Time

It’s About Time                                                   By Greg Kozera– Last week I was working on a Shale Crescent USA project out of my home office when my doorbell rang. It was Bradley my 7-year-old neighbor from across the street who asked, “Mr. Kozera, will you catch football […]

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