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See it as it CAN be

See it as it CAN be                                      By Greg Kozera– This week was the end of our three-week spring period where we as coaches can work with our high school soccer players. We got to see the boys that will be our freshmen in […]

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Take a Risk

Take a Risk                                        By Greg Kozera— Earlier this week we were at a conference in Virginia Beach, VA. My oldest grandson, CJ, lives there. He graduated last year with his engineering degree from Virginia Tech and is working for an engineering firm in […]

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People are People Around the World

People are People Around the World                                                    By Greg Kozera— Shale Crescent USA was at Select USA this week in Washington, DC. This is an event put on annually by the US Commerce Department. Companies from all over the globe are invited by Commerce […]

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The Power of a Speech

The Power of a Speech                                                By Greg Kozera– Nathan and I just returned from the Global Plastics Summit in Houston this week. Attendees were there from all over the world. We heard a lot about market trends, trade & tariffs and especially sustainability. […]

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Persevere                                            By Greg Kozera— It isn’t about getting knocked down it is about getting back up. I will never forget Thomas, a former high school soccer player I coached several years ago. Thomas’ skills were average. What made Thomas a starter by his […]

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