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Imagine a Bright Future

Imagine a Bright Future By Greg Kozera– For Father’s Day, my oldest son gave me a wind chime. We hung it off the back porch. My wife, Lynnda likes wind chimes and was looking forward to hearing it. Eating lunch out on the porch she […]

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Personal Independence

Personal Independence By Greg Kozera– This week we took a West Virginia vacation with our youngest son and his family of 5 from Maryland. Our original plan was to go to Disney World. We felt West Virginia was a better and safer choice. It is […]

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Common (?) Sense

Common (?) Sense By Greg Kozera– I was on a Zoom call this week with an executive of a company we would like to have in our Region. I asked him, “What keeps you awake at night?” His response, “The challenge of finding people with […]

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The Great Do Over

The Great Do Over By Greg Kozera– If I’m playing golf for fun with a group of friends and hit a bad shot, I like it when they say, “Take a mulligan.” That means a do over. I remember in school, occasionally we had a […]

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History By Greg Kozera– “A nation that forgets its past has no future.” – said Winston Churchill. To put it another way, “Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is insanity.” I have heard this many times. The message is, we need to […]

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