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Rocket Boxes and MSHAM

  Spring 2017 Rocket Boxes and MSHAM By: Eric Schroder, M.S., Environmental Scientist II/Bat Biologist, All-Star Ecology   As oil and gas industry development continues across the country, Indiana (Myotis sodalis, IBAT) and northern long-eared bat (Myotis septentrionalis, NLEB) habitat requires consideration in the environmental permitting process. IBAT and […]

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Appalachian North American Oil &Gas Industry Punctuated by Volatility Moving Forward

Appalachian  North American Oil & Gas Industry Punctuated by Volatility Moving Forward By: Rick Stouffer HOUSTON — The North American oil and gas industry can be summed up in one word for the next two to four years: Volatility. Whether talking about product prices or production, […]

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Appalachian Storage Hub: Big Plan, Big Price Tag

Appalachian Storage Hub: Big Plan, Big Price Tag By: Bob Downing The proposed Appalachian Storage Hub is a big idea with a big price tag. Support for the $10 billion infrastructure expansion project is slowly growing in western Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky. What is envisioned […]

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Marcellus Drilling News The Last 30 Days February 2017

Each weekday Marcellus Drilling News locates and shares news, along with a healthy sprinkling of commentary, for the Marcellus and Utica Shale. Over 50,000 people read MDN each month, making it an excellent barometer to inform ONG Marketplace readers which topics generated the most interest for those who […]

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ONG Spotlight: Steel Nation

ONG SPOTLIGHT – December 2016 / January 2017 Steel Nation From all of us at Steel Nation, we want to wish our clients, vendors, contractors and business partners in the Oil/Gas Industry a very safe and prosperous New Year!  2016 was a productive year for Steel Nation, especially during the Energy slowdown. Starting […]

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