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What is Really Important

What is Really ImportantBy Greg Kozera–Putting on socks and running shoes; my mind goes back to December when I was still in the wheelchair. I needed a special tool to put on my socks back then. I wore slip on shoes if I went out. […]

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Diversity Our Strength

Diversity Our Strength By Greg Kozera– Much is going on for us to process. We have endured 3 months of Covid-19 and lockdowns. Schools have been closed. Many have lost jobs. Businesses shut down. Some may never reopen. There is talk of a second wave […]

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Our Turn

Our Turn By Greg Kozera– Last weekend we celebrated our heroes who died for our liberty. In World War II my father was a Marine fighting in the Pacific. Like most combat veterans he never talked about combat. Dad told us about crossing the equator […]

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Breaking Out to Find Opportunity

Breaking Out to Find Opportunity By Greg Kozera– This is “break out” week for Lynnda and me. For over two months our travel consisted of a weekly trip to the grocery store and me going to physical therapy. This week we got our hair cut […]

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Avoid Being Accusing Alligator

Avoid Being Accusing Alligator By Greg Kozera- Learned Leadership LLC– I loved to read bed time stories to my kids. It was our one on one time after a busy day. My daughter, Dannielle loved her Sweet Pickles books. These books are about 26 animals […]

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