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A Dream and a Team

A Dream and a Team By Greg Kozera– Since my soccer injury last October my long-range goal was to run the Kiawah Island Half Marathon with my daughter again. We started running that race in 2015. We were scheduled to run last December but I […]

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Christmas Magic? A Global Solution

Christmas Magic? A Global Solution By Greg Kozera– Last Sunday I was outside setting up Christmas decorations when Bradley, my 8-year old neighbor wandered over. Bradley is a good kid. I couldn’t set up Christmas decorations last year because I was in a wheelchair. It […]

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Success Leaves Clues, Look for Them

Success Leaves Clues, Look for Them By Greg Kozera– My wife and I were in Japan on business two years ago. It was the adventure of a life time. Our hotel was in downtown Tokyo not far from the massive Tokyo train station serving over […]

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Attitude of Gratitude!

Attitude of Gratitude! By Greg Kozera– Whenever I see my friend, Hall of Fame Speaker and author Dr. Willie Jolley at our professional speakers’ conferences and ask, “How are you doing Willie?”, he always responds, “I’m blessed and highly favored.” Willie truly is blessed and […]

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Use it or Lose it!

Use it or Lose it! By Greg Kozera– It was just a year ago. Laying in my hospital bed I watched my leg muscles shrink, wasting away because I couldn’t put any pressure on them. I could work my upper body and keep those muscles […]

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