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Sustainability By Greg Kozera– My wife and I used the opportunity of slower business and less travel to paint our office. Lynnda is the expert on removing wall paper. I got to do all of the painting. Paint was everywhere, my hair, my feet, (I […]

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What Keeps You Awake at Night?

What Keeps You Awake at Night? By Greg Kozera– A few weeks ago, I wrote about what keeps Executives awake at night. What about the rest of us? Based on my fitness watch not much has kept me awake. I’m averaging over 7 hours of […]

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How and What are You Thinking?

How and What are You Thinking? By Greg Kozera– I just finished an interview for the First Light Show airing nationally on Westwood One next week. We talked about how and why we need to bring manufacturing back to the USA creating high wage jobs. […]

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The Power of the Question

The Power of the Question By Greg Kozera– This weekend Lynnda and I are attending Influence 2020, the National Speakers Association’s annual convention. We were supposed to be in Washington, DC. Unfortunately, like most other conferences due to COVID-19 it is now virtual. We will […]

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Give Hope, Then PPE

Give Hope, Then PPE By Greg Kozera– This week I was at my dentist for a crown. Doc and his team do good work. I still don’t like it when they are drilling or grinding in my mouth. It smells like something is burning. Maybe […]

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