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Example We Can Follow

Example We Can Follow By Greg Kozera– With COVID and the issues surrounding it, the 2020 high school soccer season was in question last summer. Coaches had a new set of rules dealing with COVID to work under. Everyone’s temperature needed to be taken before […]

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Come Together Now

Come Together Now By Greg Kozera– Eventually our current election will be resolved. I remember the 1976 Presidential election. Lynnda and I hadn’t been married very long. She was a big Jimmy Carter supporter. I was a Gerald Ford supporter. She was thrilled when Carter […]

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The Power of Optimism

The Power of Optimism By Greg Kozera– A year ago this week, I ruptured both of my quads playing soccer. I spent 2 weeks in a hospital bed before surgery and a week after to recover. This was followed by a week in occupational therapy […]

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One Country

One Country By Greg Kozera– Our annual family reunions were a full day of fun. We had a large family. Almost everyone lived in the Pittsburgh area and most showed up. We could field two full teams for softball. In the evening the men gathered […]

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Fracking By Greg Kozera– If you have been following the Presidential race you are aware the topic of “fracking” has come up. My career started as an engineer with Halliburton. I designed frack jobs and was on the well site when they were pumped into […]

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