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Focus on Positive Memories this Christmas

Focus on Positive Memories this Christmas By Greg Kozera– I am blessed to recall our magical Christmases. Growing up we had a large family and only got one big gift from Santa and some small gifts from our parents. It always was enough. We knew […]

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Stand on Our Own Two Feet

Stand on Our Own Two Feet By Greg Kozera– This week physical therapy was exciting for me. For the first time since October 27th I actually stood on my own two feet. After laying on my back in bed and sitting on my butt in […]

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Personal Independence

Personal Independence By Greg Kozera– I was rolling around the house last night in my wheelchair when my wife, Lynnda asked, “Could you frost that cake?” I was shocked, “Absolutely.” I responded. I can’t recall Lynnda ever asking me to frost a cake. This was […]

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Gratitude- Attitude

Gratitude- Attitude                                                     By Greg Kozera–  It is always good to take some time and look back at all of the things we have to be thankful for. For years I have started each day by thinking of at least 3 things to be […]

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Perceptions                                                         By Greg Kozera–  Last Sunday I was in church and rolled into the communion line on my wheelchair. One of the ushers, Tony a friend, approached to push me. I smiled, waved him off and said, “I’ve got this.” I kept up […]

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