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Tell Them

Tell Them

By Greg Kozera–

My wife, Lynnda, enjoys watching The Hallmark Channel on weekends. The movies she watches are mostly lighthearted love stories. I typically watch some of the movies with her while I’m writing or just relaxing. One consistent theme in most of these movies is, “You need to tell him (or her) how you feel.” Usually a close friend or relative shares this advice with one of the lovers. I can relate. When I was single it wasn’t easy to announce my feelings. Especially after being rejected a few times. Fortunately, I had the courage to tell my wife how I felt about her. We have been together for over 40 years.

It may be difficult to tell someone how we fell when it comes to love. It is much easier to tell people how we feel when it comes to appreciation. The physical therapists at CAMC in Charleston who did my occupational therapy after surgery on both my knees in November were incredible. They taught me how to dress myself, put on socks and shoes when I couldn’t bend my knees or put any pressure on my legs. They taught me how to transfer to and from a wheelchair and how to bump up and down stairs so I could go to the Outer Banks and be with my family over Thanksgiving.

I thanked them when I was leaving the hospital. I had thought about going back and thanking them again when I could tell and show them the fruits of their work. When I was in town last week I decided to go back to the occupational therapy gym to show them the progress I had made and thank them. Their work was the base I built on. They helped to instill a can-do attitude in me. When I got to the floor I was surprised they remembered me by name and were genuinely glad to see me. They had never seen me out of a wheelchair. I was in my business clothes with no braces or walker needed. We had a great visit. I told them how important their work was and what it meant to me and my family. I told them about the Outer Banks trip at Thanksgiving and how I was able to bump up and down three flights of stairs every day, because of what they taught me. I told them how uplifting it was to be able to spend a week with my family and feel “almost normal” again.

I realized how rare it was for them to see one of their patients after they left the hospital. If they did hear something from a patient it was a problem. I was able to show them the results of their therapy and tell them how important their work was to me and say, “Thank You”. I hope my visit encouraged them and reminded them of how important the work they do is for their patients and their families. If there was any doubt they needed to hear and see that their techniques work for long term results. People need to know they are important and are making a difference. Everyone hears about it if they make a mistake. Most people don’t hear when they are doing good work or are appreciated. We can change that.

I have been busy doing radio shows for Shale Crescent USA recently. My publicist has done an incredible job of getting us drive time shows in Houston, TX, Washington, DC, Charlotte, NC, Pittsburgh, PA and New York, City. We were also on two nationally syndicated shows. The interviews educated people on how important plastics and products made from petrochemicals are as the front- line defense against diseases like the flu and the corona virus. The vinyl gloves and protective gowns worn by doctors and health care workers are petrochemical products. So is the most of the modern medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, IVs and even the plastic cartilage for replacement joints. We told the Shale Crescent USA story of abundant, affordable energy and being the only place on earth where a company can build on top of their feedstock and in the middle of their customers. We even got to talk about the recycling companies we are working to bring here to create even more good jobs and a circular economy.

I make a point to communicate with my publicist after these bookings. I thank him and let him know how the show went. He claims I’m his only client that does this. I do it because it is the right thing to do. He needs to know he is doing good work for me and is appreciated. I even send a link to a show if I have one after it is over, so he can judge for himself. The Pittsburgh interview was the John Steigerwald Show on February 19th. John is a Pittsburgh icon. He has been in broadcasting for over 40 years, most of it in sports. You can hear the show by going to and paging down to February 19th. I am the guest in the second half hour. Hope you enjoy it.

What does this mean to us? We need to make sure our spouse or significant others know how we feel. Even though Lynnda and I have been married over 40 years, she still likes to hear “I love you” and so do I. Our employees and co-workers find out very quickly if they make a mistake. How often do they hear “Thank you” or how important the work they do is to others? Do we tell our vendors or our doctor “Thank you”? It is important. It can help their attitude and ours. Thoughts to ponder.

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Greg Kozera, is the Director of Marketing and Sales for Shale Crescent USA. He is a professional engineer with a Masters in Environmental Engineering who has over 40 years’ experience in the energy industry. Greg is a leadership expert and the author of four books and numerous published articles.