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The Power of Creativity

The Power of Creativity                                    

By Greg Kozera– 

This week Lynnda and I took a quick trip to Disney World. We wanted to see and experience the new land “Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida. I guess we are still kids at heart. With school just starting we figured the crowds would be down especially if we went during the week. I told my kids that we were going to “check it out” for the grandkids visits next spring.  

Disney did not disappoint. Lynnda and I became travelers to this distant planet at the edge of the galaxy and visitors to Black Spire Outpost. The Outpost is set up to immerse the visitor in the adventure from going on a mission in the Millennium Falcon spaceship, to eating authentic Outpost food and visiting various Outpost merchants where the visitor can buy and assemble things like a droid or a light saber. The Disney people were all in character and addressed us as “traveler”. Stormtroopers marched by periodically to keep the peace. It was a little like our visit to Tokyo, Japan last year where there was very little English. In this case the signs were in Galactic language. The travelers like us were easy to spot. Disney set up this experience so “travelers” can get lost in the story and the environment. The traveler can’t see any other buildings or attractions outside of this land making it easy to believe they are in an Outpost on a distant planet. We had a ball and are ready to go back again.    

It took a lot of creativity from Disney to put a project like this together. Their attention to detail is amazing. The cast members are well trained and make it easy to believe you are no longer on earth. They seem to really enjoy what they are doing. Disney has been rewarded with a lot of additional visitors. We stayed in one of their resorts. They controlled the entire guest experience from the time we boarded their “Magical Express” bus at the airport until it returned us to the airport. We didn’t touch our bags from the time we checked them at the airport until we picked them up at baggage claim after out return flight.

Think about your business. What can you do that will pleasantly surprise and delight your customers? Use your creativity to for your customers to have a memorable experience and want to come back. At Shale Crescent USA when we have visitors to our Region we want to control their experience from the time they land until they leave. A bad experience with a cab driver or a hotel can reflect badly on us. We want to leave them with a memorable and positive experience of their trip and our Region so they will want to return and locate their business here. When we entertained our first visiting group last year, it was gratifying then they said at departure, “We are so glad you convinced us to come visit the Shale Crescent USA.” Almost a year later their project is continuing to move forward.

I challenge you to find ways to develop your creativity. Maybe you need to hang out with creative people, watch movies or visit places that help you to think differently and more creatively. Disney works for us. Try new things. Draw, paint, listen to different music. Find what works for you. People in leadership positions need to encourage creativity in their people.   

Creativity is also for government. We have a group of people running for President backing the Green New Deal (GND). I read the entire actual document that was introduced in Congress. It is full of a lot of social engineering. The energy part is an engineering nightmare with 95% of our energy under GND coming from wind and solar and only 5% of our electricity coming from sources that can operate 24/7. Coal, natural gas, oil and nuclear power are not part of the GND. They also don’t understand that petrochemicals from oil and gas are needed to manufacture and deliver modern windmills and solar panels.

We met a young lady from Norway at Disney. I didn’t recognize the town on her name badge. She said she lives in Northern Norway where they, “Are entering our 6 months of darkness.” I wonder how the GND would work in the winter in Norway, Canada or Alaska.

The Presidential candidates backing the GND are telling us we will need to sacrifice. I believe in leadership by example. These candidates are still flying private jets that burn fossil fuels. They are still using their cell phones and the internet. (Also from petrochemicals) They haven’t sold their second homes to reduce their carbon footprint. With just a little creativity and research we can use fossil fuels AND reduce pollution and our carbon footprint. There are more ways to solve a problem than the ONE way they propose. It requires CREATIVITY and Teamwork. The USA is leading the world in CO2, pollution reduction and CREATIVITY. We can have a clean planet without driving people into poverty and starvation. Those presidential candidates need to know their one and only plan is unacceptable.

All of our young people should have the opportunity to experience what Lynnda and I did at Disney this week. Increased electricity and gasoline prices under the GND would make travel to places like Disney unaffordable for most Americans. We are smarter and more creative than that.  

Thoughts to ponder.

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Greg Kozera, is the Director of Marketing and Sales for Shale Crescent USA. He is a professional engineer with a Masters in Environmental Engineering who has over 40 years’ experience in the energy industry. Greg is a leadership expert and the author of four books and numerous published articles.